Tour 1 : City Tour

Kuala Lumpur is a bustling metropolis, the federal capital of Malaysia, a city with a blend of old and new and is the principal centre of commerce, politics, entertainment and international activities. More conspicuous are its ‘Garden City’ ambience and a melting pot of varied architectural styles.

Commercial / Business Centre (Drive past)
Twin Tower (Photo stop) – at Kuala Lumpur City Centre – designed by the world renowned master architect Caesar Pelli, these impressive twin 88-storey towers (not to be confused with nearby KL Tower), clad in brilliant stainless steel and glass, stands out for more than just their height as they also set new standards in design.city3
Chinatown old commercial centre – revisit the Kuala Lumpur of yesteryears and drive through the oldest part of the city.
Independence Square – the site of the nation’s historic Declaration of Independence, the area surrounding the square boasts unique colonial era landmarks such as the Sultan Abdul Samad buildings, the old Selangor Club with its grassy cricket pitch and St.Mary Anglican Church (built in 1894).
Lake garden (Drive past)
House of Parliament (Drive past)
ASEAN Garden (Photo stop)
National Monument – representing Malaysian soldier’s struggle and sacrifice during The Emergency, designer Felix de Weldon cast the Malaysian model in bronze in Italy. The monument is modeled after the Iwo Jima memorials in Washington D.C.
King Palace – Built in 1857 and home to a Chinese merchant and his family, this mansion has now become the official residence of the King of Malaysia
National Museum – built in 1963, the museum sports a classic Minagkabau-styled roof while the front mural walls have Italian mosaic
Old railway station (Drive past)
Administration Building (Drive past)
National Mosque (Photo stop)
Batik & Chocolate outlet visits

Cost per person
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Adult Child (3-11yrs)
17 8

Pick-up :  9.00am / 2.00pm
Tour start : 9.30am / 2.30pm
Duration : 4 hrs
Tour Operates : Min 2 adult

  • Not include entrance fee to Museum

Cost per person

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